Cheese. Meat. Charcuterie. You can find all three at any big box retailer or wholesale club, but there’s a difference between mass-produced food and the specialty items we feature at Paired Poured Plated. We are food curators. We seek out small batch, high-quality, hand-made products and pack our store with the best locally-made food. You can taste the difference in everything we sell.

We’re constantly updating and rotating our selection of artisan cheeses, salumi, sustainably-raised meats, and pantry items, so be sure to stop by and ask us what’s new. Until then, explore the site to learn more about our selection and services

Why Choose Us

Vital Products

Our vital product is a great combination of hard work of our product makers and the unique terroir.

Specialty Food

We specialize in holiday and special orders. Planning a pig roast? We can get you the whole hog, or goat, venison, even wild boar. We offer Vermont-raised turkeys, local rabbit and duck, plus exotic meats like buffalo and ostrich from across the country. These aren’t mere novelties. Ostrich, for example, is amazing: lean, rich, and packed with so much protein you can almost taste it.

Our Wine

We put our every effort into stocking the most local, hand-crafted foodstuffs, so it’s essential that our beer & wine offerings meet or exceed these same standards

Feature Products

In a world of big box retailers and wholesale clubs, knowing where our food comes from is important to us. We strive to offer our community and visitors carefully selected artisan cheese, charcuterie, and specialty foods. We work hard to find products that are produced sustainably by people committed to crafting small batch, high quality, hand-made products

Look what we just picked up

July 08, 2017 @ 10:00 AM
Look what we just picked up! #bread#scones#croissants#4th of July sugar cookies. We have red, white & pink wines, craft beers & Pampelonne Sparkling wine cocktails and other provisions for your celebration. Don't forget the bagged Ice it's warm out there.#wine#beer#cheese
Look what we just picked up!